Meg‘s doing this new thing where she asks questions and has people answer them in the comments. As imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, let’s give it a go, shall we? Okay, what was your last dream? I’ll go first


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  1. Well, like I mentioned a bit earlier, I dreamt last night that I was at this party at Max‘s house. Well, I didn’t know it was his place at first. But then I saw a sweater vest and it all fell into place. (I’ve actually never met Max, but he’ll be happy to note that in my dream/premonition, he was really really thin.) That’s really all there was to it… It was a welcome respite from all the Buffy-vampire-staking dreams I’ve been having lately. Too much DVD, I guess.

  2. OK, but my last dream was rather freaky…and also perhaps Buffy-influenced.

    It revolved around a cat…so this cat, when it walked around on the ground, seemed like perfectly normal short haired cat.

    When the cat touched my skin, it’s short hair would suddenly grow long and fluffy and oh-so-soft. It’s soft fur was so nice, I kind of wanted it to wrap around my neck, and keep me warm.

    But it turned out it was a freaky vampire cat. The cat’s aim was to wrap itself all the way around my neck and sink it’s little vampire teeth into me.

    I managed to pull the cat off in time, and then I was mad as all hell, chasing this cat around my old flat in Edinburgh with a pair of scissors, convinced that the way to kill the cat was to cut off it’s tail.

    Then I woke up.

    Dreams are funny things. I do wonder where they come from.

  3. Kris, this is a riot (I love the sweater vest being the clue)! I am really flattered–and who knows, maybe it’s a premonition of some future visit, perhaps to watch Survivor 10 or something. Consider yourself the possessor of a special reserved place on the “TV-watchin’ couch.”

  4. Heh. Good. I was worried you’d think I was a psycho or something. But it was just a random guest appearance. I’ll take you up on that Survivor offer someday… 🙂

    Okay, in last night’s dream I was back at my elementary school playing dodge ball with all my old schoolmates. Except we were all grown up. But instead of hard rubber balls, we were playing with beach balls. And they kept deflating. It was really weird.

  5. In my last dream, I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan, trying to find an old college friend that I’ve since lost contact with. I had my Grandma and one of my little sisters with me, and we were wandering the streets, shouting “Nicole!!”

    Yeah, like that would work in real life.

    It was winter and we were cold, so we went into a coffeeshop to warm up. As soon as we got in there and ordered some coffee, I noticed that someone I recognized was there: a woman who keeps an online journal. She saw me and recognized me from MY journal, and she got pissed off and accused me of stalking her. I tried to explain why I was in Grand Rapids, but she wouldn’t listen and started taking pictures of me with her digital camera so she could post them on her site and make snarky comments about me.

    Then I noticed she was wearing a ballerina costume, with a long, pink tule tutu around her waist. I told her I thought she looked brilliant in her costume, so she finally stopped taking pictures of me and decided that she would take me on a tour of the City, and help me find my college friend. She wasn’t much help, though. She kept leading me down dead-ended alleys and showing me burnt-out buildings or churches, then suggesting that my friend had died. Very depressing.

    Then I guess I woke up. I’ve twice had this sort of dream with the other online journaller co-starring. The dream before this one was something like I was back in Fort Wayne in high school, and I was in a school play. The other online journaller kept getting me into trouble with my Drama teacher.


  6. Have you ever been to Grand Rapids? Man, the Midwestern connection keeps happenin’. I have an ex- who lives there.

  7. Nope, I’ve been to Clearwater and Detroit (orchestra class field trip to see Phatom of the Opera), but never to Grand Rapids. I hear it’s a nice city.

    Nicole, a friend of mine from college, is living up there nowadays, from what I hear, and I’ve been thinking about her a lot lately. And that online journaller from my dream just so happens to live there, too.

    To draw the Midwestern connection even closer, I used to work for Fort Wayne Newspapers, sometime before your sister worked for the News-Sentinel, I think. I was downstairs in the Advertising Department between ’97-’99. All of my workplace friends still slave away there in Marketing. In my time, I was responsible for all those horrid Sunday automotive ads… partly, anyway. Kelley Automotive Group won’t allow the designers to DESIGN; instead we CLUMP text and graphics and put bursts behind it.

    Oh, yeah, NOW I remember why I left FWN. =)

  8. I dreamed that I was at a party with all men in suits. Bob Carr(Premier of NSW) was playing the banjo. He was good.

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