Woohoo! By the end of the day, we just might have our apartment! We’ve applied for two in the same block and we should know soon whether we got ’em. Then it’s off to IKEA to pick up some much needed furniture. I have so much newfound respect for, like, grown-ups. How do you guys do it? Joint bank accounts, leases, formalities, shopping, etc. I mean, the Snook and I lived in the same house for the past year, but somehow that seemed more fun and less formal. Now we’re suddenly “adults” or something. Of course, we’re going to mitigate that somewhat tonight with an evening of drunken college student-type revelry, which should be fun. (We’re seeing “Samson and Sharky”, some local band that the Snook and his friends used to see all the time.) It’s all about balance, you see.