• amishschool: Just told a coworker not to bother me when I’m eating which effectively means he can never speak to me again.
  • LucyPerryCEO: Effort, energy, risk. The trifecta for success as shared by the brainiacs at @WomensAgenda #WANbreakfast @NaomiSimson
  • theworkher: Networking tip: Think “how do you help this person?” Says @alovegrove #WANbreakfast @WomensAgenda
  • angelapriestley: So @pryorlisa has studied law and medicine – and been an award-winning journo in between. Just, as you do #overachiever #wanbreakfast
  • MsDovic: There is something very cool about listening to female trailblazers in business talk about their stories #wanbreakfast #like!
  • GuyKawasaki: When I met @KevinMitnick, he had trouble using TouchID! But my checking account was cleared out later that day. 🙂 http://t.co/BK76xTxY8T
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