Meg wants to know: What do you see around your computer? I see a cluttered desk upon which rests a scanner, a printer, a digital camera, an empty cereal bowl (actually a large cappucino mug; I didn’t feel like washing a bowl), a book called “Latin for All Occasions”, an empty bakery wrapper from the gingerbread man Snookums bought me the other day, a half-full wineglass left over from last night, my gym class schedule, and a couple wadded up Kleenex. To my right are the shelves of our “office area”: CD rack, blank CD-R’s, phone, inkjet paper, calculator, pens, tools, etc. To my left I can see out the glass doors to our balcony, which overlooks a small patch of green grass and purple flowers in front of the office building next door. I can see King Street with all its cafes and shops at the end of the block, and people strolling past enjoying the warm sunshine and blue sky. Behind me, my Snookums lies on the couch reading his book.

What do you see?

(Perhaps you should go tell Meg or blog it on your own site. I don’t want her to think I’m hijacking her discussion.)