• AWShine Hack is now open for registrations! Open to all devs and entrepreneurs. http://t.co/kCrox4aexK http://t.co/WjtDqVWG9s
  • RT @cdespinosa: iMac box is a trapezoid with the front 10° out of parallel with the back. Which means that if you have 36 of them… http:/…
  • Technology rage.
  • Honestly, you could replace every bit of functionality in @clue with single question: “How tolerant are you of stupid questions right now?”
  • Okay, @gilmae, I’m playing with WordPress. But I don’t see a way to import my posts and keep the old post IDs…
  • Nevermind @gilmae. I AM THE HACKER QUEEN.
  • 13379 blog posts and 25194 comments successfully imported. I’m back! http://t.co/i8jkKU85Yv http://t.co/AWSW7EPlsj
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