Micheal Jackson wants a global children’s holiday. As Kim once said, I can’t believe his publicists allow his name to be mentioned time and time again with children. Are they all completely brain dead?


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  1. Are you trapped somewhere with no T.V. or radio? It was PROVEN A LONG TIME AGO that Michael Jackson was INNOCENT OF ALL THOSE CHARGES AGAINST HIM. Get the facts honey & don’t believe everything you hear. Michael Jackson is a wonderful human being.

  2. Proven? I don’t think settling a case out of court and paying the kids’ parents countless millions of dollars proves anything. In fact, it rather says something that he didn’t want it to go to court, right?

    And anyway, you anonymous coward, my point was not that I thought he was guilty anyway. I was just commenting on the fact that everytime “Michael Jackson” and “children” come up in the same sentence, that’s what most people think of. He’d have a lot easier time regaining his reputation if he didn’t constantly give his accusers so much ammunition.

    Next time don’t jump to conclusions, and try posting a name with your opinion. Otherwise I have no problem deleting comments from people who lack the spine to back up their trolls.

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