• A reminder that Australia getting a new prime minister is an ideal time to check your smoke alarms. ->
  • Twitter right now is like the Ewok party at the end of Return of the Jedi ->
  • So uhh, Tone was 4 days short of getting his lifetime Prime Minister pension. Let that settle in. ->
  • Oh wow, I didn't realise they did an Australian version of House of Cards ->
  • And thats what you get for being The Worst. ->
  • So we have a new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. I mean, Prime Minister #Auspol ->
  • Now, let's see what we can do about a double Plibersek/Wong ticket for 2016. #allgirlstothefront ->
  • Australia gets Turnbull as new PM: the first world leader to maintain a blog for his dogs. #libspill http://t.co/bhoVLVKJ9v ->
  • dutton: so when u gonna front media
    abbott: not sure
    dutton: lol guess time doesnt really mean much when–
    abbott: not now mate ->
  • Julie Bishop's face looks exactly the same no matter what happens – her poker face is off the chain #libspill ->
  • This is real.
    Bwa ha ha ha ha!
    #libspill #auspol
    CC: @vanbadham http://t.co/OF3loyf2VV ->