Hello?? Did anybody else see that my site was visited by a gangbanger yesterday? Evidently my ripping on Gary, Indiana was not appreciated. I’ve since removed his comments, but here’s a tip for you G’s in the future: Misspelling “motherf***ker” makes you look more comical than tough. Try and get it right next time. Oh, and thanks to Moire for backing me up. I got a posse!


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  1. Er? whats’ a gangbanger in this context?

  2. nice one, martin. 😉

    i saw that guy’s post but wasn’t sure what your policy was on troll-feeding…not that moire was, by any means. ok, truth be told, i was just too chicken to “step to him,” or whatever the kids are saying these days.

  3. Heh! No problem, Chris! I’ve got your back.

    There’s something else I was going to post here, but I didn’t want to offend any of your other readers, or have even weirder Googles come your way. I’ll post it on my site instead… You can go here to read.

  4. You know, a gang member. The kids are still calling them that, right? (Yeah, I’m aware of the other meaning, but I think it means both things.)

    I don’t have a policy. Basically, I have no problem with people arguing with me. I just have issues with people who can’t type, spell, use grammar, or go two seconds without using the word “motherfucker”. So those are the ones I delete. 🙂

    I’ll check it out, Moire…

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