Science at work! My friend Pat and I just solved one of the great mysteries of our time. I’ll let you see it unfold in real-time via our Instant Messager conversation:

    Pat: actually, what time is it there
    krisinsydney: it’s 10:16 a.m.
    Pat: oh
    krisinsydney: We’re, what, seven hours behind Chicago?
    Pat: but its tomorrow
    krisinsydney: right.
    Pat: crazy round earth
    Pat: so, does the toilet swirl the other way down there?
    krisinsydney: i think that’s a myth.
    krisinsydney: i haven’t watched though.
    krisinsydney: okay, so flush yours and see which way it goes.
    Pat: ok, i’ll be right back
    krisinsydney: i’ll go do mine.


    Pat: right to left
    Pat: counter clockwise
    krisinsydney: no way!
    Pat: what does yours do
    krisinsydney: well, ours doesn’t actually swirl. it just whooshes straight down. but i filled the sink and pulled the stopper and THAT goes clockwise!
    Pat: haha
    Pat: i told you
    Pat: mr wizard wouldnt lie to me

See? Conclusive proof that drains swirl one way in the Northern Hemisphere, and one way in the Southern. Now we just need someone equatorial to tell us what they do in the middle. Kristen??


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  1. It’s like a fountain in the middle! So Kris don’t flush while you have the “runs”…..

  2. Ferret, you are disgusting.

  3. I hadn’t checked before – but water in the sink does seem to swirl vaguely anti-clockwise upon inspection. Not really very swirly though. Perhaps being close to the equator diminishes the swirl-effect?

  4. I think, according to what I read, that to do a proper experiment, you need to fill the bathtub up and leave it overnight. Then watch which way it drains in the morning. Otherwise the motion of filling it cancels out the (very small) Coriolus effect.

  5. (Comments deleted. Learn to spell, dumbass. Oh, and I didn’t fall for the oh-so-clever ruse of entering comments under two separate names to make it look like someone else actually responded. Get your own damn blog.)

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