New Poll: What’s the verdict on going to the gym when you’re sick? Snook’s been urging me to go all through this flu, but I’ve been resisting. At present I’m mostly better, but I’m still congested and at times I hack and cough. I’m worried that any cardiovascular workout will make me wheeze like a freight train. Or am I just making excuses? Your call.


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  1. I voted in the poll, Kris, but just to repeat: I think Snook is right. When I’m congested, I go running. It forces you to breathe deep and hard, shakes loose the phlegm (I know…ewww), and really pushes a lot of those toxins out of you literally and physically. Try some cardio–at worst, it makes you uncomfortable and you quit. At best, you feel tons better.

  2. Max – You were totally right. I just got back from the gym (I gave in to the nagging) and I actually had one of my best workouts. And I feel lots better! Who knew?

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