Now I just need a car...Make your own license plate. Yeah, mine’s stretched a bit. Remember when you used to get little bicycle license plates in boxes of Honeycomb cereal? I’d always pray for a cool one, and instead it’d be Texas every single time. Not that Texas sucks or anything, but I swear that’s the only one they ever gave out.


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  1. Yay! What fun! 😉

  2. But they left out the cute little Garfield license plates…

  3. The education one? Yeah, I know. Personally, if I ever get plates in Indiana again I’m gonna pony up for the ND ones. I paid enough for the degree, dammit. 🙂

  4. Are the ND plates expensive? I think I paid $35 extra for the Garfield education plates, but that fee went towards the school system of my choice.

  5. Yeah, and you have to have a letter proving that you or your kid went there. Or so claims my Dad, who tried to get them once. Not sure where the fee goes. Probably into the Church’s coffers, like all my future income…

  6. Whoa! I thought that just anyone could get a ND plate. How odd.

  7. Nah, I think they’re pretty uptight about that stuff. And all the people I know with Purdue and IU plates are alumni. Maybe it’s just that there are only so many that they give out.

  8. How about going on vacation and seeing those little souvenir shops that sold “state license plates” with names on them? You know how disheartening it felt not to be able to find one that said, “Alfredo” or even just “Al?” I’M NOT BITTER! REALLY!

  9. Fredo – I feel your pain. I could NEVER find anything that spelled “Kris” with a “K”.

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