I’m Belle! She’s my favorite! Which Disney princess are you? It’s not the most well-written quiz – Hello? Look at my result up there – but it’s an entertaining Thursday diversion. (Link courtesy of Brigita.)


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  1. I hope you didn’t put the text on the picture? “I also my fav subject is enlglish.”

  2. Mother! No I didn’t write that. That’s what I meant about my result. I’m county spelling bee champion, ding dong! 🙂

  3. I’m Jasmine. You know, people are always mistaking me for her. It gets annoying sometimes.

  4. I was Tinkerbell 🙂

  5. Ooh, Jasmine. So you’re a Princess who feels trapped in her ivory tower? Interesting… 🙂

    And Weeb, you are SO Tinkerbell. Hahahahaha!

  6. I was Jasmine, too! It said that I had “strong opinions on Human Rights”. Whaaaa? I mean, is that because she didn’t think she should be locked up? Wow, watch out, I’m a femi-nazi. (This is the only time that you will ever hear me say that.)

  7. She also fell in love with a street urchin. So she’s not class-conscious or something, I guess.

  8. Heh! I was Jasmin, too. I was hoping I’d be Belle; she’s my favorite.

  9. Yeah, she’s the only one who’s not stupid. I mean, Snow White’s all, “A magic wishing apple? *crunch*” Beauty and Cinderella are feminist nightmares. Ariel was great except for that whole business where she kept waiting for Eric to kiss her, rather than jumping his bones immediately. I did like Esmeralda from “Hunchback”, except for the sad part that she chose Phoebus over Quasi (not that I wouldn’t have made the same decision). Ooh, I loved Pocahontas, except for her unrealistic body proportions. Belle is definitely the best role model a little girl could have out of that crew.

  10. I’m TINKERBELLE! Aaaagh!

  11. Jeez! What kind of answers are you guys giving to get her? She’s a bitch! 🙂

  12. Tinkerbelle just knows what she wants. 😉

    Ariel needed to get a set of balls.The thing I dislike about Disney movies is that almost all of the girls are weak and need to be rescued. Where are the strong, truly independent women? I thought that the heroine from Tarzan was neat (I like Minni Driver a lot, too, which helps), but she still needed to be rescued.

    Gah! Not all of us dream of a great White Knight coming to sweep us up in his big, strong arms. Some of us dream of BEING the White Knight.

  13. Well, Mulan was pretty good like that. I mean, there was still a romantic element, and she was a pretty clumsy soldier at first, but she was better than the rest of ’em. Pocahontas was pretty good too, despite her Barbie Dolls shape.

  14. Tinkerbelle? I don’t want to be Tinkerbelle. I changed my answer to the last question from “a little magic” to “happily ever after” and I became Cinderella. I wanted to be Jasmine. Well, because, that’s my name.

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