New Poll: Battle of the Discount Chain Stores! Where do you go to buy all the little things that make life livable?


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  1. I miss Meijer. And Super Wal-Mart. But I miss Meijer the most.

  2. i actually now shop at the Navy Exchange/Commissary (cheeeeeeep!), but i do so love tar-zhay.

  3. Heh. They say “tar-zhay” in Australia too. 🙂

  4. I love SuperTarget.

  5. Hi Megan! Wow, I’ve never heard of SuperTarget. (I’ve been out of the US too long.) Is it like a Super Wal-Mart?

  6. super target? i’m IN the u.s. and i haven’t heard of it. i missed “wawl-maht” (as rodd would say) when i was out of the country, but now that i’m back i’m all about meijer. (it’s closest.) i’m surprised mom hasn’t voted yet – she’s ALL about meijer, dude.

  7. I’m about whatever’s closest… and luckily for me, they’re putting in a Quickee-Mart right below our apartment! Hooray!

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