Well, I scored fifth place in Matt‘s pool, and, uh, somewhat worse in Kel’s. The cursed irony is, if I had stuck with my annual strategy of just going with Ebert’s picks, I would’ve won! And Bosnia or no, I will maintain that Amelie got robbed big-time. Big-time.

And by the way – is anyone else fainting with anticipation and excitement for Spider-Man? No? Just me? Okay then.


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  1. Are you kidding? Colfax cant wait to see it, of course he’s only 5. To bad you arent here you could take him. We all know your a big kid at heart. 🙂

  2. I have a feeling that my appreciation of Tobey Maguire in spandex isn’t quite the same as Colfax’s… but yeah, it’d be cool if I was there. Who knows? 🙂

  3. Oh honey, just the mention of Spiderman makes my heart go a flutter *rawr*

  4. dude, SO PUMPED. is that a hint that you’ll be here may 6th or somewhere thereafter? i probably won’t have anybody to go see it with…

  5. Congratulation’s, Kris! Actually you scored third place if you count ties (I do).
    Did anybody think Tobey and Kirsten lacked any chemistry whatsoever as presenters? Tobey was stiff as a board.

  6. Actually Matt, when they first showed him on the red carpet, Rodd turned to me and asked, “If he still playing his “weird” character,” (like from “Wonder Boys”), “or is he just like that?” Me: “I think he’s just like that.” Chemistry or not, I sure like that bit when she pulls off his mask and kisses him upside-down! 🙂

    Amy – if I’m there at all this summer, it’ll probably be closer to the 4th of July. I’d like to take Snook to the Taste of Chicago. But if we find an amazingly cheap flight (and we’re still not working), who knows?

  7. Congrats, Kris–I’m jealous! And as for the Tobey/Kirsten thing–they broke up, recently, right? So maybe they were both overcompensating and trying really hard to be all “professional” about it. That said, Tobey is pretty zonked-acting most of the time, so it could be their usual interaction. Loved the Ryan and Reese, though!

  8. Whoa, they were dating? I didn’t know that! That just makes it cuter. I’m not such a fan of Ryan and Reese, just because they’re one of those “Uma-Ethan” genetic supercouples. 800 million years from now their offspring will all be the Eloi, and we’ll all be Morlocks, and we’ll eat them.

    Okay, my blood sugar must be low or something, because that was psycho.

  9. You geek!

    I can’t wait for Spiderman! I can’t wait for Episode 2! I can’t wait for Order of the Pheonix! Woo!

    Tobey IS weird, though. I didn’t think I could see him as Spiderman, but he’s not so bad, really. We’ll just have to see… 😉

    Kris, you’re going home in July, too? I’m hoping to attend the Three Rivers Festival and see the fireworks in Fort Wayne that week. I promised my Mom I’d spend an entire week in Indiana, instead of just a long weekend. I also promised my baby brothers I’d take them to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, which they’ve never visited before. It’s a nice zoo, I think — rated as one of the top 10 children’s zoos in the country. Should be a fun time!

    What’s the Taste of Chicago? Is that some sort of food-related festival?

  10. I love the Fort Wayne zoo! Have you seen the film “In the Company of Men”? It was filmed in Ft. Wayne, and there’s even a sequence that takes place in one of the zebra cars from the African veldt!

    I MIGHT be going home in July. (Everytime it gets mentioned, my family gets more insistent that we have to go.) It depends whether we’re working and how much money we have. I’d like to though. Yeah, the Taste is a big food festival down in Grant Park. They have awesome fireworks out over the lake for the 4th too. It’s fun, but way crowded.

  11. I haven’t seen In The Company of Men yet, unfortunately. When it first came out, and the Cinema Center was showing it, my boyfriend at the time went to go see it without me. Afterwards he told me I shouldn’t watch it because it would upset me. And then when I tried to watch it on the Sundance Channel last year, Justin insisted I change it because movies like that make HIM upset. Heh!

    I knew it was filmed in Fort Wayne, though. The newspapers made a big deal about it. They filmed some of the movie in Cindy’s Diner, too, which was kinda neat because I used to go there all the time when I lived at Three Rivers Apmts. I ate at Coney Island a lot, too. Ugh. It’s any wonder that I’m not 300 pounds right now! 😉

  12. I recognized Cindy’s Diner too. I’ve only eaten there once, but it was memorable. I noticed a picture of Drake Hogestyn (John Black from “Days of Our Lives”) up on the wall and the owner said that he’s from Ft. Wayne and comes back for the Three Rivers Festival every year. I’ve always wanted to track him down and get his autograph… 🙂

    Yeah, the movie will piss you off. I went to see it in London a few years ago with a mixed group, and some chicks got really upset about it. It made me uncomfortable, but one of the guys got me to admit that I thought it was a good film. There’s a crucial scene where one of the guys humiliates a black job interviewee, which kinda makes the point that these guys are JUST misogynists; they hate and torment everybody. It’s all about power. But if you can quell the tide of rage about the content, it’s worth it to see the Fort on the big screen. 🙂

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