Kristen found an amazing picture of Sydney Harbour. If you wanna know why I live here, that’s a big part of it. Gorgeous. It’s even better in real-life. 🙂

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  1. holy wow.

    i’m having The Mister change his orders request to list Sydney as #1 stat.

    ah, if only that were an option…

  2. Like Wow!

    Hmmmm is it easier to get visa (I’m over 30 so ain’t gonna get the one you have) if I have relatives (naturalised) over there already?

    Have you bumped into Mr Brownlow yet?

  3. My age isn’t a factor in mine, hon. It’s all about having a de facto Australia spouse that I’ve lived with for over a year. 🙂

    Snook’s not sure about the relatives thing. Check the DIMA site.

    No, I haven’t run into him yet! What’s his e-mail address! Is he in Sydney??

  4. I was told by my bro that it’s a lot harder to get in once you get over 30.

  5. great, so my living in australia clock is ticking right along with my biological one? the pressure!

  6. It is if you’re doing the “points” thing to get in based on your skills and stuff. You get more points if you’re under 30. But if you’re marrying somebody, I don’t think age matters so much. I don’t remember them asking mine at all.

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