Ahhh, it’s been too long since I did one of these. What High School Stereotype Are You? Not surprisingly, I am a geek. I object strongly to their indiscriminate use of “geek” though. Sure, I got good grades, but I also played sports and went to dances. And I never played role-playing games (back then)! I mean, there are geeks, and then there are nerds. (Link courtesy of Brigita and anon.)


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  1. Being the ‘goff’ and all, I guess Brigita kicks both our asses 😉

  2. I’m a jock! Yes, I had pals and I enjoyed sports, I s’pose, but this is not the best representation. Besides, what about those in the AV Club? 😉

  3. you know i’m all talk. 😉

  4. My school didn’t have an official AV Club. I did get to read the morning video announcements which were broadcast over our Channel 1 TVs, though. Yeah, big time nerd here. Jocks, I await your thumping. 🙂

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