I'm Felicity!What WB Drama Are You?
I am Felicity. Weird. I’ve never even seen that show once.

You are most daring, and like the quote says, you grab the bull by the horns! You do what makes you happy, not what anyone tells you to do. Because of this attitude, chances are that you’re the creative type, whether it be with a paintbrush, a guitar, a journal, etc. You’re also pretty laid-back, so it’s casual all the way for you. You’d rather be comfortable than be a slave to fashion. Finally, you’re a total romantic. Love is most important to you, so you will do whatever it takes to protect it. You might not go as far as Felicity did (she flew across the country to follow Ben!), but definitely fight for it with all you’ve got.

Hmm. That’s pretty accurate, I guess. Maybe I’d like the show. Too bad it’s cancelled. (Linked because everybody else is doing it.)