• stuheritage: Bit weird to live in a time when 'Country doesn't vote for Nazi' is a relief rather than a foregone conclusion
  • georgiecel: โ€œSoftware prototyping was hot at the time. Like microservices todayโ€ [email protected] #YLJ17
  • TacticalGrace: Record number of attendants at #ylj17 โ€” functional programming is strong in Sydney!
  • jedws: lambda! @YOWLambdaJam #ylj17 https://t.co/rwGekOHFA4
  • zoran119: @TacticalGrace, the most important question about your talk: what's your top Flappy Bird score? #ylj17
  • tranngocma: Thank you @yow_conf for getting John Hughes to #ylj17. I never get tired of his papers and talks, one of the kindest people in FP too ๐Ÿ‘
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