• WNDU: A large group of students just walked out of Notre Dame's commencement during VP Mike Pence's address. #ND2017 https://t.co/g3dCuqPbXg
  • fart: just some billionaires gathering in the dark and holding a glowing orb. probably fine
  • GuardianAus: Frank Lloyd Wright: fantasist or genius? https://t.co/2FewwBGOU7
  • sallyannw: “Women pioneered computer programming. Then men took their industry [email protected] https://t.co/SxiHSH0rXv https://t.co/co3kVUtKBg
  • iamchoppah: After this photo, they all did shots of Essence of Gelfling #TheGreatConjunction https://t.co/7acuhj7ZjL
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