Get up, Trinity!Which movie heroine are you?
I think my answers were sorta 70% Trinity, 30% Torrance from Bring it On. I’m pretty happy with that. 🙂 (Link via the quiz whores.)


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  1. I’m trinity as well, oddly (maybe the hair?). I had to take a time-out to note the great notework – “Ind-Blowing” and “you can hack. and that rocks.” What? What the f is with the hair comment? Who is this girl? “Yes, Neo is Cute!” Whaaa?

  2. I think there’s a rule that all the “What X are you?” quizzes must be poorly spelled and grammatically incorrect.

  3. Dude, I hate when they make them soooooo obvious. The whole time I’m like, I wanna be Trinity. And of course, you KNOW which answers are hers. I decided to be honest. I’m Satine from Moulin Rouge…must have been all the love and freedom stuff.

  4. Yeah, I can see you being Satine. (Except for the whole dying-of-consumption thing, that is.) 🙂

    I agree about the obviousness. I think it’s more fun when the quiz asks about something random, like what you eat for breakfast, and extrapolates from THAT. Otherwise you’re just picking hypotheticals about yourself.

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