Ugh. Today was the day of annoyance. I was all excited to get my copy of Mac OSX 10.2 but when I got to the store, they’d sold out. The Snook called all over Sydney and nobody has it. It’ll be days before they get more in. Bugger. There’s nothing worse than being all prepared to drop $220 on something and then being denied.

In slightly better (but still annoying) news, I’ve got another batch of “Lance in Space” CDs to send out to you, you, you, you (and you), and my sister. The annoying part is that the post office was randomly closed today so they won’t go out til Monday. But you should have ’em in a week or so.


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  1. Yeah!!! Let us know where we can send you one in exchange and which one you want (or if you want to be surprised).

  2. Just got the CD yesterday, it rocks! Retro lane: I had that exact disco version of ‘Star Wars’ on a 45 record, and ‘Rocketman’ has always been one of my dad’s favorites. Your exchange is on the way!

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