Fun Australian Slang:
The Aussies have this fun habit of taking the first syllable of a word and turning it into slang. (Hence, “Aussies.”) Here are some more that I like:

  • mozzies = mosquitoes
  • cozzies = swimming costume = bathing suit
  • derro = derelict = bum
  • surfies = surfers
  • aggro = aggressive
  • ambo = ambulance
  • Maccas = McDonald’s
  • arvo = afternoon
  • garbo = garbage collector
  • piccie = picture, photograph
  • pokie = poker/slot machine

Now try and use them in a sentence today. 🙂

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  1. i think my favourite aussie slang word is “dacks”, meaning underpants. i wonder where it comes from?

  2. Yeah dacks is a good one. We often say “tracky dacks” = tracksuit pants.

  3. I got some tracky dacks and I LOVE ’em! Although the Snook calls me a dag when I wear ’em in public. 🙂

  4. Ooh, Kristen, Mark might like to see this: the Macquarie Dictionary of Slang. Just about all the Australian slang I’ve ever heard (and way more).

  5. Great link! I sent it to my sister. Her fiance’s an Aussie too (from Manly)!

  6. I love the name Manly. The Snook’s only flaw, as I see it, is that he doesn’t come from there. He keeps promising to take me there on the ferry though. I definitely want to check out the beach. I just have visions of it being full of… manly men. 🙂

  7. australians are so weird. only they would have a place named Manly.

  8. and i guess this means garbos are people who pick up MY TRASH, eh?

  9. Nice one. Me and Rodd laughed. 🙂

  10. hey what is this website? i found it when trying to find a link for a french friend of mine describing what i mean when i say “tracky dacks” hahaha. im from wollongong by the way.


  11. Is there really a difference between bikers and bikies (bikeys?)? A friend of mine from Canberra got all offended when I referred to her as a biker, and I couldn’t understand why.

  12. Yes, I was amused by “the Manly ferry” when I was in Sydney. And I still am by “the Barking train” which runs on the east side of London.

  13. Paul, you can find out about the site by clicking the “about” link at the top of the page. Basically it’s a personal website and weblog, and while everyone is free to comment, I generally frown upon leaving spam links as your URL (unless it’s somehow relevant to the discussion).

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