Dude, it’s a llama!
The Snook and I just watched Dude, Where’s My Car?. We laughed a lot. (No, we weren’t stoned.) It had Micheal Bolton in it! And Fabio! And the Alias chick! And I’m a sucker for bubble-wrap humor. And movies that use “Bust a Move” on the soundtrack. It rocked. We’re looking forward to the sequel Seriously Dude, Where’s My Car?. Seriously.


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  1. Where was the Bolt-meister in it? I don’t remember that!

  2. The New Age guy with the pot-smoking dog. (Just to be clear, it wasn’t the “real” Micheal Bolton. It was the Office Space Micheal Bolton.)

  3. Girl! One of the girls I was in band w/ moved to LA to become an actress (porns are only a hop, skip and a jump for this girl), but she had a bit in this movie. She was one of the girls in the pool during the “Bust A Move” sequence. Ah, the price of fame…tugging on Ashton Kutcher in a pool.

    Look for the blond (ha) in the maroon bikini…that’s Rachel.

  4. Ha! I seriously laughed my ass off at that part. 🙂

  5. other random OS character cameo: bill lumberg is in “one hour photo,” as a manager of a store called sav*mart. his character’s name? BILL. same clothes, same haircut. it was hard to take him seriously.

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