New Poll: Which upcoming movie are you most excited about seeing? I would’ve said Lord of the Rings up til last week, when I had a Harry Potter-inspired dream. (No, not like that, Moire.) So I figure I should let my subconscious be my guide.


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  1. this is a tough one. i’m going to say Two Towers, but i’m also realllllly looking forward to the next installment of Harry Potter.

  2. Wow. I honestly didn’t expect so much love for Middle Earth. Maybe I haven’t given this enough though. Legolas is pretty damn hot… 🙂

  3. Ew! No way! You know I’m all about the Chamber of Secrets. Especially the parts with Snape in. 😉

  4. It won’t be on the big screen, unfortunately, but the extended video version of ‘Fellowship’ comes out on Tuesday. 30 minutes of extra footage! (Can you guess my vote in the poll? 😉

  5. Episode III – ok its 3 years away but still!!!

  6. Hey, didya know that Clones is showing at some of the I-MAX theatres? Yep, Yoda large and in charge like never before. I’m personally excited to see that.

  7. While I’m a Star Wars fan first, followed by Harry Potter, then LOTR, I’m looking forward to the Two Towers most, because Fellowship was such an amazing film.

    Harry Potter was very good, but not as “epic,” and I won’t even get into my ongoing disappointment with the newer Star Wars movies.

  8. Suckas, I’m all about 8 Mile.

    (That wasn’t one of the choices?)
    Forever Shamed,

  9. Just go for the “That one with that guy…” option, TD. 🙂

  10. Dude, there’s gonna be Ent warfare. How can your extremities not be tingling in anticipation?

  11. See, I read that there’s not gonna be so much of the Ents. I’m all for Treebeard and Co. tearing the shit out of Isengard, but I think Peter Jackson unfortunately spent the money on more glamour shots of Arwen. (What the hell is she doing in this movie anyway? Isn’t she just off knitting a flag somewhere?)

    In Roald Dahl’s “Matilda”, a librarian asks the title character what she thinks of Tolkien. She says she doesn’t like him so much, because there aren’t any funny bits. That’s kinda how I feel. I can get excited about effects and swordfights and Legolas surfing on a shield (yeah, baby!), but it’s just not enough to really spark my imagination, you know?

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