Have you Domers been reading The Observer lately? Seems my old dorm, PW, is in the center of a big scandal right now. The assistant rector was fired but Student Affairs (and our rector) aren’t giving a reason. The AR claims that it was a personality conflict with the rector, but neither she nor any of the other members of the hall staff are allowed to publicly comment. In fact, the resident assistants claim to have been threatened with dismissal themselves for speaking about it. I know most of you couldn’t care less about dorm politics at a university on the far side of the world, but for the few of us that went there, this is a pretty big deal.


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  1. that was a big topic of conversation at the ND/Navy tailgater this weekend, although we didn’t have much to say on the matter since we didn’t have all that many details. such drama—sounds to me like Sister Sue and her cow bell need to take a break from rectoring for a bit.

  2. I was telling Liz about it on IM today, and her first instinct (as a former RA) was to side with Sista and assume that she has a good reason for everything. Going through the Observer articles, though, I’m not so sure that’s a safe assumption. I’ve seen some crap AR’s in my time, and I wouldn’t have made a fuss to see them go. But obviously the whole dorm – and most tellingly, the current RA’s – seem to think that this particular dismissal was a mistake. At the very least, there’s a big schism between what the head of the dorm and the residents themselves actually believe is best for the community. Which sucks, considering that more and more people are moving off-campus every year. I can’t imagine that I’d be raring to sign up for another semester in the dorm knowing that the people running it don’t give a shit about what the residents think.

  3. i noticed that the other day while reading The Observer. i wonder what really happened.

  4. Unfortunately all my old sources back on campus have graduated. Anybody know anybody there that could give us an inside scoop?

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