Ladies and gentlemen… I give you The Return of CouchCam! You may be lucky enough to see me sitting down there watching the cricket and knitting. (Note: the Australian local time is printed on the image, should you ever want to know what time it is here.)


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  1. hey, do a couch cam close-up! that would be fun. also, nudie couch cam porn…

  2. You need a password to see the NudieCam. (Just kidding. Although, Note to Self: great money-making opportunity.)

    See, I’ve been thinking about moving it up to the office overlooking my computer in a much more traditional web-cam setup. The Snook prefers the living room though (mostly because he has a tendency to check his e-mail half-naked in the morning and he’s shy).

    What do you folks think?

  3. Couch Cam rocks! There’s no need to do the traditional setup. That’s boring. I’d rather catch you watching TV and knitting than staring zombie-like at your computer screen. 😉

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