At long last, it’s Harry Potter Day! Only ten hours to go. Sadly, I’ve accepted that the scarf will never be done in time.


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  1. I hope you dont think your going to be taking time out of preparing my dinner for Saturday to go movie….

    Get back in the kitchen woman!

  2. OI! Well, actually, I’d be offended if I hadn’t devoted, like, all my waking thoughts to the dinner anyway. I’m entitled to some time off! Shopfast is delivering the food tomorrow so I can’t do anything more at this point. (Well, I can clean, but I’ve been avoiding it.) 🙂

  3. Dammit, I was going for most sexist post on your page. But I suppose that has probably already been won by Steve.

  4. I think it’ll be hard to top the time he entered a porn site as his URL and tricked some of my friends into clicking on it…

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