The problem with being out of work for so long is that I got in the habit of thinking of my days as “mine”. Now I resent working 9-5 because it sucks up all my time. How do I get back to the place where I simply accept that my job is my life (at least, during the day)?

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  1. i guess it just takes time. i’m having a hard enough time adjusting to life back at the office after a mere two weeks off. monday blues :o(

  2. It takes a lot of time. I’ve just had three weeks off, and had to work last Thurs & Fri. Still in mourning over the loss of free time.

    Just show up for about 50 weeks, and then you might get some time off.

  3. Buh. It’s hard, this working business. I do get so bored at home, however, that I end up missing the office when I’m away for very long.

  4. how ’bout trying to enjoy Friday night through Sunday afternoon as much as everyone else who works does, man. and float through the rest of the week in hopeless oblivion, like i do. 🙁

  5. some of my friends were GLAD to only have the 1 week off over christmas – madness i tell you!
    cause i work from home, i feel like i’m at work 365 days a year .. :/ luckily most days go by really quick now

    countdowns usually work for me – to the weekend, to the end of the month, to the next public holiday, ..

  6. God, how I loath retail. I’m in absolute bliss that the holiday season is over. *sigh* countdown until I move onto a new job

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