Here’s a helpful tip for those of you planning a wedding: You can save money by dyeing your shoes with coffee! Isn’t that a great idea? I’m sure that splotchy brown shoes that stink of espresso would look great with the latest white satin wedding fashions, don’t you agree? *roll eyes* I’m all for being crafty, but let’s be honest here: you can take it too far.


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  1. Buh. No, thank you. I’m glad we’ve decided to get married at the courthouse… So much less foof to worry about that way.

  2. wtf?

    moire- after the day i’ve had, getting married at the courthouse sounds like a fabulous idea. :o) i’ve been dealing with the foof factor all day long!

  3. clarification: the wtf was in regards to the shoe dyeing.just in case that wasn’t clear.

    oh my. i need to go back to watching junk tv. pretty woman is on itv.

  4. Heh! Too much foof for ya, eh? I do know how you feel… My little sister is going through the same thing right now. πŸ˜‰

    Justin and I made the decision that buying our first house is more important to us than having a big wedding, something that neither of us really wanted in the first place. Our respective families desire such a thing, of course! πŸ™‚

    I initially wanted to get married at the courthouse this summer, and then have a big bar-b-que in the backyard. Still, the call to become home owners is far stronger than that of beer kegs and hog roast! We’ve decided that we’ll have the big backyard housewarming party after we move into our new home.

    Not that I have anything against big weddings, of course. I love them, and my sister is planning her own as we speak. Justin and I just think it’d be better for us if we have a big ass wedding celebration when we renew our vows, which we plan on doing on our 10th anniversary. Hopefully we’ll be all settled by then, and our children (3 years down the road, god willing) can have a role in the ceremony.

    It sounds nice to me, anyway. It’s either that, or we pack up the kids and take them on a Disney Cruise, where we’ll purchase an extra Vow Renewal Vacation Package to go along with all the other cruise-y fun.

    Heh. I think I got it all figured out, don’t I? ;P

  5. Going on a Disney Cruise is, like, a lifelong dream of mine. You could bring me along as your au pair! I’d watch the kids and you and Justin could have cruise-y alone time. πŸ™‚

  6. Woo! Sounds like a plan to me. You need to take a Disney Cruise, Kris. I went on a Land-and-Sea Disney vacation during the Magic’s first year underway, and it was amazing. I loved being on the ship; it was so relaxing and fun, and the food was fantastic.

    I’d do it again in a heartbeat, especially when I have kids. There’s so much for little ones to do on board that they actually stall for time and cry when parents come to collect them for dinner! Even the teens have their own hangoutβ€”a coffeehouse called Common Grounds! It’s awesome.

    The best part of the whole cruise is the day you spend on Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island. For the kids, there’s entire jungle gyms and slides in the ocean for them to play on. For the adults, there’s a very quiet beach set apart from the rest of the resort. You can rent a raft and float on the crystal turquois sea, while little blue and yellow and purple fish flit around your fingers and nibble on your toes. When you’re thirsty, there’s a bar that looks like a crashed airplane embedded in the sand, where Jimmy Buffet is played exclusively over the sound system. If you wish for a nice alcoholic beverage to enjoy whilst on the Cay, I’d suggest the Tropical Depression. Yumminess.

    Oh, man. I so wanna go on another cruise, right now!

  7. Heh. That should be “turquoise,” not “turquois.” πŸ˜‰

  8. Didn’t they dye a dress with tea or coffee in a Little House or Anne of Green Gables book? It’s very familiar sounding to me.

    I’m going on a Disney Cruise courtesy of my grandparents next month. I’m worried that I’ll be too busy looking out for flu victims and avoiding family stress to enjoy myself. I’ll definitely be sampling those Tropical Depressions.

  9. That gives me a much better impression of the Disney cruises. When I went on a ‘Carnival Cruise’ (sans Kathy Lee), we would point and giggle when w/ docked w/ a Disney ship saying, “look at all the parents jumping off the side.” Glad to see I was mistaken. πŸ™‚

  10. Excuse me, but the coffee thing WORKS – less hassle, and it actually looks great. Not splotchy at all, and I’m not very crafty.

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