As there seems to be little interest right now (even from me), I’m officially putting “The Book Group” on hiatus. The old discussions are still active, though, so feel free to keep adding to them.


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  1. I was interested! My book group just read The Red Tent and it caused much controversy dividing the group into those who loved it and those who hated it. I was looking forward to hearing your group discuss it. Ah well another time perhaps.

  2. I’d still like to read it, Claire, and I’ll more than likely post a review at this site. So maybe we can still have a mini-discussion about it! (Unless, of course, lots of other folks wanna play along too…)

  3. Until your group is up and going again, you’re welcome to join in our active book discussions (and friendly chatter) too @ BookBunch of Book Chat Central.
    Our members vote on what we’ll read each month.

  4. Awww, thanks Jill! (Note to others: See? This is how you “spam” nicely.)

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