New Poll: I’ve been feeling conflicted over the “crafty” turn the site has taken in the last few months. I used to have a lot more “Random! Web! Links!” stuff, but nowadays I spent 40 hours a week at a job where I can’t really surf. Do you mind? Do you roll your eyes whenever I start talking about knitting or marble magnets? Put my mind at ease (or tell me to shut up) with the poll down on the right…


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  1. I’m fairly new to your blog so I can’t comment on changes to it, but I find your crafting an interesting read.

  2. i like the crafting. the only thing i have made is marble magnets though. all the sewing and knitting is cool, but i’d have to learn how to participate. one of these days…

  3. Thanks, guys. I think one thing that would help is if I remember to use the “read more…” feature more often. That way I put less of it on the front page and it’s easier for the non-crafty folks to skip.

  4. hey Kris, Gadgetgirl (AKA Amy) here. I’m lovin’ your blog so far, more crafts pretty please

  5. Heh. I’ve been sitting here going through your site for the past 10 minutes too! Crafty synchronicity. 🙂

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