There are now officially seventy-five entries in my Oscar Contest. Seventy-five! Who the heck are all you people? Anyway, I’ve posted the complete list of everyone’s predictions so far. E-mail me or leave a comment if you really really need to make a change. As there are so many entries, I’m going to add two more prizes for second and third place. So if you haven’t entered yet, get going!


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  1. Ohmy%$#@&^%^% GOD! I just filled it out and clicked, YOU GUESSED IT, the f-ing RESET button! GODDAMMMIT! now i’m waiting longer to do it, too annoyed now, arrrrhgh!

  2. Ha. Sorry. Bad usability design there. Of course, you’re the ONLY PERSON that’s reported this problem, ding-dong. 🙂

  3. bah. my predictions suck. i should’ve waited til nearer the time to enter. i sorta feel like changing my entries now would be cheating though.

  4. But you might get lucky. Remember frickin’ Jim Broadbent from… was that last year? There’s always something like that that could throw it. I’ve heard predictions that the whole Jude Law rumor might hurt Kidman’s chances, and there’s a big scandal right now over some improper advertising Miramax did for Scorsese in the Director race. So it’s all up in the air.

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