Craft Backlog.
I am not allowed to start anymore new crafts until I finish the old ones. Seriously. Right now I have on my list:

  • My first sweater, which is about 1/4 done.
  • About a foot of scarf made from some gorgeous red mohair.
  • A baby blanket for my little brother, of which I have, like, six blocks out of fifty.
  • A rugby scarf, which is currently just in the “piles of wool” stage.
  • Knitted socks for the Snook, of which I have only wool and a vague idea.
  • Record albums waiting to be turned into bowls. (see above)
  • Album covers waiting to be turned into purses.
  • Half a dozen pairs of socks waiting to be turned into monkeys.
  • A couple groovy old tins waiting to be painted and decoupaged.
  • My “Storm at Sea” quilt, still waiting to be finished and edged.
  • “Hello Kitty” images ready to be printed onto transfer paper and ironed onto my underpants.
  • A pile of miniature Harry Potter scarf bookmarks to be fringed and finished.

See? Lots. I keep thinking of new things I want to try, though! I’ve been eyeing the resin supplies at the local casting shop. I have no willpower.


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  1. i’d love to hear more about your Hello Kitty transfer project—i tried making The Mister some Incredible Hulk underoos last year, but the iron-on transfer i used was super shiny. i wasn’t so thrilled with the results, though more because i used it on an orange shirt and made everything all orangey…

  2. I should be trying the iron-ons tomorrow night. I wanted to do it today, but our printer went nuts and it took the Snook all night to sort it out. But within 24 hours I should have my Hello Kitty underpants complete. 🙂

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