Matt linked to this cool Ivan Brunetti artwork the other day and now I’m obsessed with identifying all the cartoon characters. I’ve got it set as my desktop and it’s just driving me crazy. If you’d like to help, read on.Okay, here’s what I got:
Top row: Mickey Mouse; Woodstock; that guy from Blondie?; Madeline; Felix the Cat; one of the Powerpuff Girls; Porky Pig; Charlie Brown

Second row: No clue but he looks familiar; Shroeder; no idea; Heathcliff; Superman; Caspar; the little fat girl from Family Circus (Dolly?); no idea

Third row: No idea, looks like Mickey but we’ve already had him; Marvin the Martian; Homer Simpson; Mr. Peanut; Betty Rubble; the baby from that Family Guy show (Stewie?); Goofy; no clue but he looks familiar (Ally Gator? That sounds dumb)

Fourth row: Hello Kitty; no clue; no clue (kinda like Yosemite Sam); Snoopy; no clue; Olive Oyl; no clue; Batman?

Fifth row: No clue (looks kinda like Snagglepuss); Betty Boop; Linus; no frickin’ clue; Minnie Mouse?; Tweety Bird; no idea; Mr. Peabody

Last row: Spider-Man, Yogi Bear; Donald Duck? (looks more like a penguin); Andy Capp; Dennis the Menace; Lucy; Pop-Eye; can’t remember her name

So, can you fill in any of those gaps? Want to dispute one of my identifications? Let me know.


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  1. Second row, third in is Little Lulu. The kid that’s the fourth row second in, is the last row, last pic’s little friend. And the ‘Yogi Bear’ to me looks like Huckleberry hound – i think that’s his name???? Yogi wore a tie, Huckleberry wore a bowtie.

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOO and the fifth row, first pic is Dr. Seuss. Now I have to know all of the answers. GODDAMN THIS DAMN PICTURE.

  3. MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! The last picture on the last row is NANCY. HAH! WOO WOO!!!

  4. Kris! I’m so glad you posted this. Looks like the ones you couldn’t get are all from old comics that stopped running long, long ago:
    Second row last is “Henry”, the bald mute little boy who was always getting into trouble.
    Third row #1 is Ignatz Mouse from Krazy Kat.
    Fourth row #2 is Sluggo from ‘Nancy’; #3 is the old coot from ‘Lil Abner’. The soldier is from that newspaper strip about Army life (duh, I can’t remember the name).

    Fifth row #4 is Plasticman; #7 might be the French boy from ‘Tintin’.
    Disputes: first row #2 is not Woodstock, it looks like Pogo. The one you thought was the baby from Family Guy is actually the Chris Ware character (what is his name?). And of course – the one you thought was Yogi Bear is Huckleberry Hound. Totally different!

  5. 2nd row #1 is a complete mystery to me. So is fourth row #5.

  6. 4th row #7 is Beetle Bailey. Agree, Matt: 1st row #2 is Pogo, 5th row #7 is Tintin.

  7. 4th row #7 is Beetle Bailey. Agree, Matt: 1st row #2 is Pogo, 5th row #7 is Tintin.

  8. And I’m pretty sure 3rd row #8 is Albert Alligator from Pogo.

  9. You guys are awesome!

  10. Second row #1 is DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!! I can totally picture him but can’t remember what strip he’s from. I feel like Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters–“This is important. This MEANS something.”

  11. I had an entire comment with most of these written out this morning, but I changed windows and lost them all, and then I had to run!

    3rd Row #6 is Jimmy Corrigan, from the Chris Ware comics.

    4th Row #3 is Barney Google.

  12. I meant Snuffy Smith! 4th Row #3 is Snuffy Smith! (To be fair, he was introduced in the Barney Google strip.)

  13. Barney Google is the funniest name I’ve ever heard. How in the heck do you guys know these old comics?

  14. Barney Google. How could anyone forget a name like Barney Google?

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