Girls only: This Glitter thread just blew my mind. Sea sponges!


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  1. reading this kinda stuff makes my liberal heart bleed and before i know it i’ve got hundreds of worms living on our porch!

    then again, The Mister is leaving for another six months pretty soon, and lord knows i’m not going to try to give up dairy again… 😉

  2. Sorry. I’m “Ugh” about the sea sponges bit, not the whole idea of using alternatives to Tampax and Allways.

    I was doing some reading a while back about using sea sponges, and it just doesn’t seem like such a great idea to me. Heh. I know, neither do tampons, but still… Maybe sponges aren’t so bad. There’re enough women on the thread who seem to like using them. But how do they harvest sea sponges? I’d feel even better about using them if I knew how they were harvested.

    Thanks for the link, though. I was doing some research about feminine hygiene product alternatives several months ago, but got busy and soon forgot about the whole thing. I think I’m going to try The Keeper. Hopefully I’m not allergic to the rubber.

  3. I found it interesting, but mostly in an academic way. Thanks to the wonders of Depo, I haven’t been in need of such products for nearly six months now. It ROCKS.

    But yeah, I’m a hippie chick too at heart, and I love that crafty chicks are finding ways around the “feminine hygiene” industry. The Snook was confused at first, because he thought the girls were making DISPOSABLE items. He was all on board once I explained that they’re reusable. It just kinda makes sense.

    Oh, and did you read the bit about pouring the water on your plants?? I’m “ugh” about that bit.

  4. Oy. The alternatives (The Keeper)have their upsides. And for a long time when I was itty bitty, I thought that’s what tampons were. The concept of ‘absorption’ was foreign to me, but the idea of a bath tub plug was not. 🙂 Having older sisters didn’t always make things all that clear.

    My friend has a copy of the book, C*nt, (I’ll make it everyone friendly). And the author goes into *great* detail about her period towel and the joys of waking up and wandering onto the tile floor in the kitchen to see what ‘designs’ can be made. Unfortunately, her ramblings just made me want to take a shower and mop. It’s much more encouraging to read opinions of more rational sounding women (and no, I really don’t need my plants to be that healthy).

  5. I think the idea of recycling the pad water is sorta related to the idea of planting your placenta at the root of a tree. I wouldn’t do that, either. I think the hospital is more than well equipped to dispose of that when the time comes. Besides… That’s what Miracle Grow is for! 😉

    Could you imagine? Walking out of the hospital with a baby on one arm, and a big Gladloc freezer bag full o’ placenta on the other? Jeeeeez! No, thank you. That’s why I can’t imagine keeping pad water and running around the house with a watering can full of it, feeding my spider plants and african violets.

    Ugh. 🙂

  6. Actually my high school bio teacher saved his wife’s. She’d given birth the year before and he froze it so he could bring it in for the “Mammals” chapter. I remember being horrified by how huge and thick it was. And it still had, like, two feet of umbilical cord hanging off it!

  7. Is that supposed to be a person with bugged out eyes? Because if it is, it’s really funny. 🙂

    (Man, this discussion is wandering already.)

  8. Heh. Yeah, sorta. It’s the “Good Holy GOD” emoticon. 😉

  9. i ned to no about sea sponges! your site is confuzzing!

  10. Yeah, because this site is the place to go when you “ned” to “no” about sea sponges.

  11. when it’s not being “confuzzing”, that is!

  12. Personally, Moire, I blame you. Look up there at the Backlinks. It’s your site. Yours! That’s where the weirdos are coming from! :)`

  13. Hey! Only THREE weirdos have arrived here via my site. At least you can’t blame me for all the Goonies comments; I had nothing whatsoever to do with those. 😉

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