Postmodern architecture is FUN, y’all. I just saw a picture of the Longaberger Company Headquarters for the first time. It’s a giant picnic basket! How cool is that?

(For any non-Americans – and possibly non-Midwesterners, because I fear this is a regional thing – Longaberger makes wicker baskets and charges obscene prices for them. This does not stop Midwestern housewives from collecting hundreds of the darn things. Don’t get me wrong; they’re nice baskets. But if I’m going to pay $200 for a basket, I want it to be studded with diamonds.)


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  1. i’ve heard that Navy Wives are obsessed with those damned things…which is why i’ve been generally absent at those meetings/coffee klatches/gossip circles.

    just 16 more months!

  2. that is one seriously cool building. i just hope the bottle of champers contained within is to the same scale.

  3. Hee! That’d be awesome… Hey, you used your real name! What happened to orangecat?

    (Champers = champagne, to the clueless.)

  4. We have Longaberger freaks here in the DC area, too, Kris. The mother of a friend sells them. You should see her house — every flat surface is covered in baskets, and a lot of them are hanging from the walls and the ceiling. It’s insane. I can’t imagine spending that much money on baskets that you don’t even use for anything.

  5. oh, what happened was my imac decided to cap itself, so i had to reboot it using the software restore disc – wich wiped over allmy original settings. i didn’t even realise i had put in my real name until after i posted. now i just figure it’s the web trying to tell me to grow up? bah! that will never happen…

  6. uh, that was crap itself… but i guess cap itself works too…

  7. Yeah, cap itself is pretty funny in reference to an iMac. I am picturing an iMac with two x’s for eyes and an antique pistol dangling out of an open cd drive.

  8. Hee! Your iMac popped a cap in its own ass. 🙂

  9. happened upon your site….I sell those baskets but will be getting out of the business soon – The baskets are made out of maple not wicker. They are useful – I use mine and yes I have a ton of them – because so many people like them I consider them investments.

  10. But see, it’s like investing in Beanie Babies. They’re not intrinsically worth that much money. They’re only expensive because everybody else wants to buy them… as an investment. It’s like me inventing something and saying, “Everybody wants these and the price is going to go through the roof, so you better get one now!” Thus everybody runs out to buy one and the price goes through the roof. I make tons of money and you’re all left with useless things you paid way too much for, and the only way to get your money back is to con somebody else into paying even more for it (in the misguided hope that they too will turn a profit). I just think it’s kind of silly.

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