In case you get an e-mail from me with the subject line “FW: One Friendship to Share :-)”, do not open the attachment. It’s a virus and it’s not from me. Somebody’s infected and their computer is sending messages with spoofed headers scraped from webpages. Besides, I would never forward you guys anything with a subject line that cheesy. (Thanks to Moire for the heads up.)

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  1. Another good thing to mention is that while this particular virus utilizes several different subject lines and various message content, the attached file is always 40K to 42K in size.

    Beware, y’all!

  2. Ah, okay. Thanks for that, Moire. Basically kids, I think the lesson here is that you should never send (or open) unexpected attachments to people. And we all know that, right? Cool.

  3. hey kris,i tried emailing you to let you know i was getting those emails from you, but it came back as “inbox full” – just letting you know as well that the subject can say “goldfish” too. i did a google search on it and there is some info here. so if you get any from me… here’s hoping it goes away soon, wherever it came from!

  4. What? MY inbox was full? That’s nuts. It’s not full at all. Hmmm, wonder if my server was doing something screwy. Or maybe it was flagging it as a virus and bouncing it back for that reason.

  5. I got the goldfish one…. in fact, I’m getting about 30 a day.

  6. Ferret In a Box

    August 8, 2003 — 2:46 am

    I reckon if you get any emails from me then you should just delete em straight away! 😉

    No virus alert just I talk a load of rubbish…

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