The Crafty Garden
Since we now have a lovely tiled courtyard to fill up with plants, I decided to start with a succulent garden (since my friend Kevin has one and it’s gorgeous). I bought the plant stand at Kmart and then picked out some sempervivum, a green Jellybean, and another unnamed plant. Yesterday the Snook helped me transplant them into some record bowls I had made. On top I put decorative pebbles and some of the reject glass marbles left over from making marble magnets. Pretty huh? We also planted some basil and cherry tomatoes in the small plastic pots, so hopefully we’ll have some homegrown veg this summer.

Succulent garden  Close-up


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  1. Thanks! I’m just a little worried that maybe the marbles will be too heavy and inhibit the plants growing and spreading out more. I guess if they can push through rocks and sidewalks though, a few chunks of glass should be easy, don’t you think?

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