Another nailbiter baseball game… Go Red Sox! Man, I wish I could watch or listen to this. ESPN’s GameTracker is nice, but following on a little Java scoreboard is pretty emotionless.

Update: Damn it. Apparently the stupid GameTracker is way behind the actual game, because as I was following along nervously in the 10th inning I suddenly noticed that the little scoreboard ticker showed a final score of 6-5 Yankees. Bastards! They spoiled what little suspense I had!


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  1. Yep, a letdown. Any possible interest I had in the Series has been completely shot down by tonight’s result.

  2. Yeah. Spare a thought for poor Kel with all her unwanted NY series tickets. 🙁

  3. I get it all on Foxtel. Every game. You should come over and watch a couple of games.

  4. You want me to go all the way over to Cammeray to watch a NY-Florida game? Puh-leaze. I wouldn’t walk from the kitchen to the living room to see that travesty! 🙂

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