I actually broke down and voted for Australian Idol today. I wasn’t going to, but my co-workers were talking about it this morning and their opinions were all wrong. They actually liked Shannon’s performance! He’s got a decent voice, I’ll admit, but the boy doesn’t even make eye contact or open his mouth when he sings! Everybody was like, “Wow, his movement and rhythm are really coming along, aren’t they?” just because he managed to snap his fingers in time to the music. He’s a great karaoke singer but the Idol he is not. Guy and Paulini are the true talents and I’ll be damned if I let some pretty boy farmer and his squealing teenage fans knock one of them out. (Cosima deserves to go too, of course. She looks like Cherie Blair and she sings like Celine Dion. *shudder* A truly lethal combination.)


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  1. finally, another voice of reason!
    i seriously think shannon’s family have put a second mortgage out on the farm in order to pay their excessive telstra bills. it is the only thing that can account for him getting so far…
    my vote is for paulini.

  2. I KNEW you’d agree with me! It was hilarious last night watching it with Rodd. We both correctly predicted that Shannon would do nothing but Sinatra (what else would a big dumb white guy do?), but we missed on our guess that he’d do “Luck Be a Lady”. That’s why I like Guy and Paulini; they’re never predictable. (Although I must say that Cosima had some surprising choices last night. I was TOTALLY waiting for her to go all chest-thumping Shirley Bassey and bust out “Gooolddddfingaaaaaahhhh!”)

    If there is any justice in the world at all Shannon or Cosima will go.
    I am so crushing on Guy!!!! And Paulini was excellent last night.
    (I’m getting WAY too into this show!)

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