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  1. I totally forgot you worked there! Hmm.

    I have a few complaints of my own about my piece of crap Epson printer. Barely owned for 3 weeks now, it’s nearly out of both color and black ink – and I haven’t printed more than 15 pages! (2 at photo quality.) What a rip off. I read some reviews of their models (AFTER THE FACT) and had I known how other consumers felt about Epson printers, I’d have reconsidered my purchase. Most users agree the quality is second to none, but this ink business is a scam.

  2. Uh, no I don’t. (Shhh!)

    I’m not sure that the ink cartridges that come with the printers are full-size, but don’t quote me on that. I really have no idea. Too bad you don’t live over here… Employees get a 33% discount!

  3. Ben - I woz here!

    November 8, 2003 — 5:19 am

    yeah I just bought a C44UX and only after 15 pages, the black is flashing that it’s outta ink. Rubbish, I just ignore the warning and it’s printing fine.

    Also just installed this tool, http://www.inksaver.com and at 30% ink saving setting for the test page, I can’t see much difference.

    oh well the printer was cheap and you can buy the carts cheaply now too so phew!!

    btw if you’re wondering why no sentence begins correctly, it’s because im anti-capitalist today! :p

  4. I guess that’s one of those third-party apps they mention in the article I linked. Just be careful; if you run the cartridges completely dry you’ll ruin the print head and screw up your machine.

  5. Yeah 🙁 I’ll be cursing Epson then and praying to the God of HP.

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