Shallow: Publicly worrying that your sore throat means you’re getting the flu while secretly hoping that you are, because everybody else in the office who got it lost, like, ten pounds.


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  1. Shallow…yet inventive. 🙂 Don’t get sick!

  2. Oh, Kris–that’s nothing. Learn from the master. Every year, I think “Maybe I’ll skip a flu shot this fall, because then I might catch it and lose some serious weight.” Or my other sad-but-true classics: “Man, I could totally rock those 32-waist jeans if I got a dose of food poisoning” and “When my brother’s appendix burst, he lost 18 pounds in 3 days–that lucky bastard.”

    When I get sick, all I ever want to do is chow down, so I’d probably gain weight anyway. Dammit.

  3. I KNEW you’d be the one to sympathize, Max! 🙂

  4. Hey, it’s no different to ‘damn I got really suburnt today…but hey, it’ll turn brown!’. I’m guilty of that one each summer.

  5. I generally do that for “castaway” types. i.e., I just read Undaunted Courage about Lewis and Clark. Lucky bastards! They got tons of exercise, meager rations, and great tans from sitting in the sun year round. Not to mention adventure, travel, and meeting Indians… Claire, I do the exact same thing. It’s stupid of me too because I’m a cancer risk–freckles, fair skin, etc. Eeek. I would never sunbathe, but if, oops, I forgot my sunscreen, oh well accidents happen.

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