Blogger spells out what every blogger needs to know: What to do when your Mom discovers your blog. Luckily my whole fam have known about this from the get-go so I don’t have to worry so much. In fact, last I heard Ma was working on her own site!


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  1. that’s pretty funny. but then my family have all known about my weblog since the beginning too. i do have some shadowy fear that work is going to find out someday. it’s not so much that i really mind that people from work know, but just that i think it would be kinda weird. i’m teaching a group of girls at work to make marble magnets for charity, and i’m just wondering how long it will be before one of them googles for “m*arble m*agnets s*ingapore” and hits my website. in a pitiful attempt to obscure this trail, i have been calling these craft creations “g*em m*agnets”, after the packaging that the marbles came in. yeah. it’s daft. i know. (the little *’s are just another weak attempt to put google off the scent. i’m so cunning. or not.)

  2. Most of my immediate co-workers know about it but thankfully they don’t much care. In fact, everybody at our Halloween party was like, “Where’s CouchCam! I wanna be on CouchCam!” (Unfortunately we had to turn it off as the network cable normally runs right across the living room floor.) I try to not rant about work too much though, just in case one of the higher-ups finds it and gets pissed. It’s on my CV though, which should hopefully protect me from the “surprise-discovery-and-termination” effect. Hopefully. 🙂

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