“An invitation to join the Blogosphere…”
This could well be the lamest promotional idea ever. This is a scan of a clipping that I found in our mailbox last week:

Invitation to Join the Blogosphere

That’s right. It’s a real piece of paper that someone put in our actual physical mailbox. I couldn’t believe it. I’m assuming that one of the three people listed – best Aussie bloggers??? – did it to drive up traffic. (I somehow doubt it’s Ev’s new viral marketing scheme for Blogger.) It’s even tackier than that brokenman.net guy who chalks his URL all over Newtown. What’s next, wearing an “I’m a ‘Blogger’ – Ask Me How?” button?

And who says “Blogosphere”? I mean, really.

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  1. that’s weird. don’t you think that in addition to being lame, it’s also pretty bizarre? i can’t see that being a good promotion for weblogging at all.

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