Gremlins CardMerry Christmas!
I’ve just posted a few new Christmas items at my Roald Dahl site, including a printable Gremlins Christmas card and ornaments to color. Knock yourself out…


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  1. does your VVR play US tapes? My Mom is sending me some Christmas TV special that includes a bunch of shots of the Marshall Fields windows.

  2. aw man, i should have checked my spelling……
    I meant VCR

  3. Aw, yeah, that’d be sweet! My cousin sent me photos but apparently the windows are animated. It’d be neat if I could capture some video off your tape… (And I’ve got “A Christmas Story” here if you wanna borrow it.)

  4. You’ll shoot your eye out!!! That would be cool.
    Oh, and the Glitter Buttons came. Just email me your address and I’ll get that to ya.

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