Time Wastage in Review
As I did last year, I spent some time today searching through the dusty recesses of web-goddess to compile the list of top commenters. As always, I was far and away the leader… but the rest of the list might surprise you. Read on to see where you ended up!Again, these are totally unscientific and relied upon you using the same name every time you posted. (Or at least something that I could identify as you.) If you provided a URL I’ve linked it to your name. Here’s the list of everyone who’s made more than ten comments here in the past year:

Name Comments
Me 894
Moire 179
Kristen 167
Tricia 159
Brigita 144
Robert 110
Jenny 103
Amy (Gadgetgirl) 88
Dan 77
Max 64
Amy (my sister) 62
Kel 59
Claire 52
Ferret 48
Mia 48
Jeff 44
RDH (my Dad) 44
Martin 38
Stefanie 38
Stairs 35
Tracey 31
John 29
Grandpa Joe 23
Adrien 22
Jann 20
Kevin 20
Nora 20
Major 18
Leigh-Anne 16
Steve 14
Frances 13
Yasmin 10

There were a lot of folks on the cusp so it’s possible a few more folks will make the list by New Year’s. Of course, what you’re really interested in is the All-Time Web-Goddess Commenter Leaderboard. Here’s the top 10 (myself excluded):

Name Comments
Brigita 802
Moire 554
Tricia 347
Kristen 331
Max 212
Martin 194
Jenny 192
Amy (my sister) 188
Jann 154
Claire 148

To be honest, I was surprised that there were any men in there at all! Then I discovered if you include the next ten on the list, the percentage goes 50/50 (Ferret, John, Robert, Dan, my Dad, Psorr, and Bill). That’s a lot more balanced than I expected. I often wonder if the site comes off as too girly. I guess not! 🙂


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  1. so it’s official – i spend too much time mooching around your site ;o)

  2. i’m happy to see that i’ve been restraining myself a bit this year and letting other folks get a word or three in edgewise. 😉

  3. Woo-hoo! Top 5 in the All-Time Commenters! I’m closing in on you, Kristen–2004 will be MY year…mwahahahahaha! 🙂

    Kris, I don’t think your site is too girly at all–if anything, I think it’s a model of how to build a “community” of interactive readers who feel comfortable posting comments and responding to one another. Kudos to you!

  4. although i am a relative newcomer to the site, i know a bunch of you from my glory days of puking in the bushes and setting my dorm room on fire. and i am determined to make the list!

  5. I knew I’d been slacking this year comment-wise, but I didn’t realise how much until I saw these figures.

    Note to self: must do better in 2004.

  6. You’re gettin’ close, Eileen! 🙂

    Thanks for the props, Max. Sometimes I just get worried that posts about crafts and feminist rants will paint me into a girls-only corner.

  7. wow, i didn’t even know i had that many.

  8. Wow. 48, huh. So this is 49???

    I haven’t even posted that many times on my current site. That’s so sad.

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