Day Three

Day Three: I finished my flower brooch along with two rather pretty bracelets (in my humble opinion). I’ve gained a reputation for being the class speed demon. Personally, I think a lot of those women would get more done if they’d stop whining about how much they suck and just get on with it. I never realized before how annoying it is to have twenty self-deprecating women all together in one room. No one wants to admit to being good at anything. My back is killing me from sitting hunched over my beads though. Luckily the rain came through last night so the humidity broke and the world is livable once more.


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  1. you better watch out if anyone tries to feed you any of those ‘special’ brownies at your hippie retreat. (sorry, I just had to make at least one hippie remark) I’m sure you are learning lots of great techniques.

  2. Well, yeah. Even if I don’t like the jewelry itself, I’m learning lots of stuff I can use to make things that I do like. So it’s been worthwhile. I should just think of the pieces I’m doing as “samplers” and not stress about how gaudy they are.

    And no, I haven’t eaten any brownies, but I have been pigging out majorly down here. I have an ice cream every day at lunch from the little camp store. (Note to other Americans in/visiting Australia: A “Triple Swirl Billabong” popsicle tastes EXACTLY like a vanilla pudding pop. They rock.)

  3. triple swirl billabong, check

  4. any flower brooch pics out there?

  5. No pics of it yet, Brigita, as it’s pretty tiny and my camera sucks at taking pics of small things. I’ll try and scan it when I get home. I actually ended up liking it way more than I thought I would. I might try making some more!

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