We’re back!

We’re back! There’s nothing like a week away to make you appreciate being in your own house with your own things. Our tomatoes have finally started turning red so we’re going to start eating them tomorrow. I made a cursory attempt at catching up on my surfing and it was like total information overload. People have new designs and side projects and Dean lost in Iowa and Bennifer are through and another Mars rover landed… and I just can’t get a grasp on it at the moment. I’ve got lots of photographs to upload but I just don’t have the energy. All I want to do right now is crawl into bed. I’ll get busy with all that other stuff tomorrow. (Thank God we have a holiday.) It’s good to be home.

And did I mention how awesome Dorrigo was yesterday? Here’s the Snook and I standing behind Crystal Showers Waterfall in the rainforest. It was amazing.

Behind Crystal Showers Waterfall

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  1. AND, your cricket crush was named Australian of the Year. Go Steve! By the way, that waterfall looks great. So often the promised ‘waterfall’ is a trickle of water dribbling down a few rocks. That one’s pretty.

  2. I just saw that! Yay for Steve! I think he’s a good choice.

    The waterfalls turned out pretty good thanks to all the rain they’ve been having up the coast the past few days. I think this is my favorite picture from the trip. We’re all standing under a rock ledge behind the waterfall and I didn’t know if it would turn out very well. Rodd’s Dad turned out pretty handy with my camera!

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