Virus Alert

There’s a nasty new Windows virus making the rounds and one of you may have it. I’ve been getting flooded with bounced e-mails that have spoofed my address as the sender. So if you get anything suspicious from me, don’t click on it! (I don’t have the virus; I have a Mac.) If you’re on Windows, you should probably check out that link and make sure you haven’t been infected. I’m guessing one of you has, as it would’ve picked up my domain from your address book or cache.

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  1. yeah, i opened up my email this evening, and disocvered that it had been flooded with a whole bunch of bounced spoofed addressed and emails from various singapore domain names…i haven’t opened any of the attatchments, so the computers i have been using should remain clean, but it is clear that someone i know (or who reads the weblog) has been infected and is now spreading the joy. eek.

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