The Return of Snookums

Snook: “Babe, do you wanna make a clown wig?”
Me: “What? No. Why?”
Him: “Because there’s one in the sink.”

Behold, the death of Spike hair and the return of the Snook.

Clown wig     Cutie pie


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  1. Let me be the first to say “much better”

  2. Yeah, I like it! It’s still a little lighter and redder than normal from the last time we touched up the blonde, which matches his scruff a little better. What a cutie!

  3. Welcome back, Snook; we missed you. Now cover that chin!

  4. Hope he doesn’t mind us gay boys looking at him, but this look is totally working for the Snook. Babe-a-licious. 🙂

  5. He wouldn’t mind, Casey. He got over flirting with gay boys a long time ago, when he realized that it would get him better service from his favorite barista in the city. 🙂

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